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What Every Applicant Should Do: Bolster

Our word for today is “bolster”.

It is a word that is both a noun and a verb.

In this context, we are interested in the verb form which means to support or strengthen.

This quality is fast becoming really scarce in the corporate clime.

We started this series with the word “ambitious” as one of the characteristics a young applicant should have.

If you missed the post, you can read it here.

Mike was sweating profusely sitting on the floor in his room.

The proposal he was reviewing was to be submitted the following Monday and he had been sent the wrong document. Not the most recent one. He had sent emails to his subordinates but didn’t get any response.

He tried to call Tunde. His number rang until it was no longer available.

This was Saturday.

It just meant that he would have to start all over.

His team members had the unpleasant trait of switching off for the weekend and they would deliberately not be available even if he genuinely needed help.

The other day, Cynthia said she left her laptop in the office and so could not give him the information he was seeking.

He heaved a weary sigh. It was going to be a long weekend.


Too many young applicants take pride in being the weakest link in a team.

They rarely do more than is required of them, that is, if they fulfill their roles satisfactorily.

They are quick to drop the ball at the slightest excuse, always calling in sick especially when the workload is high.

Their motto is “I cannot come and kill myself”.

But tomorrow these same people would want to be recommended for promotion or for other jobs.

There is the place for being the support that is needed.

The question is, if you have to leave your current place of work, will you be missed?

Or will people heave a sigh of relief that a better replacement is coming?

Here are some of the ways to render support whether as an intern or a new employee

Do your best work.

It can’t be taken for granted these days as many people do not pull their weight at work.

Ensuring that you have done the absolute best should be the goal, such that no one will find fault with your work or find it below standard.

Be Proactive

Being observant of trends will help you to troubleshoot possible areas of queries and help you prepare for them. Such that if a supervisor comes in with all guns blazing, you already have a solution of are currently working on one.

Always seek to deliver exceptional results without excuses.

Be Compassionate

Sometimes, you might have to go out of your own way to assist someone else. For instance, a team member is ill and struggling to deliver on urgent responsibilities, you will create a memorable impression of yourself as a kind-hearted person if you step up and volunteer to assist, especially without being told by a supervisor or Team lead.

That’s essentially what life is about.

People may not care about how much you know (or can do), but they definitely know when you care.

Can you remember one or two people who practice this enviable quality? Take some time to reach out and say, "Thank you".

This list is by no means exhaustive, if you know any more ways one can be supportive, please share them in the comments below.


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