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What Every Applicant Should Be: Ambitious


Not again. (inserts eyeroll)

When people hear the word “ambition” it sometimes carries a negative impact or reflects negatively on the person it is spoken about.

It can be thought of as a form of greed, that excessive desire/want to have more than is needed or deserved. It is seen as a totally selfish drive doing things for one’s interest without considering or serving the good of others.

But in this context, this is not what we mean.

The word ambition in itself is not a negative word.

The dictionary defines ambition as “a strong desire to do something or achieve something”. It also defines it as “the desire and determination to achieve success”.

It is having a personal dream/goal for your life.

Too many times, young people allow their external circumstances to rub them of having any hopes and dreams of a better life.

And they resort to other unsavoury means of making ends meet.

Here's Why Ambition Should Be Pursued by Applicants

  • Your aspirations, goals and objectives will spur you to action.

It is the ambition/strong desire you have that will give you the doggedness required for the dreams to come to pass.

The ambition ensures that you move. You take the potentials inside of you and turn them into something productive.

  • Your ambition will energize you.

It is big enough to get you excited about the future in such a way that your present circumstances will not discourage you.

You wake up with passion and positivity.

You are constantly on the look out for how it can be done as opposed to listening to tales about how it "can't" be done.

  • Your life is purposeful.

Especially when your ambition has to do with the better good of society, you get a sense of fulfillment each day as you work on your goals. Even if you have not attained them yet.

The feeling that you are in your own little way contributing to the welfare of others gives a sense of purpose.

  • You take measured steps in the direction of your goal.

Having a clearly defined ambition will provide focus and guidance on how to achieve it.

You become deliberate about what you do, who you reach out to, what networks you plug into and what books you read.

You will gravitate towards things that will help you accomplish your goal and other things take a back burner.

And the truth is, when you have a definite goal/purpose, the Universe/God will align things to help you accomplish that goal.

Take a few minutes today to reflect.

Where am I today?

If everything was possible and within reach, what would I be in 10 years?

In 5 five years?

What is the picture of that reality?

Who is living in such reality today?

When you write down the answers to these questions, you’d discover that your wishful dreams just became attainable.

The beauty of having a “big enough” goal is that even if you fall short of hitting the exact goal, you’d be far more successful than if you didn’t set any goals for yourself at all.

Photo by nappy from Pexels

Take athletes for instance.

A 100m male athlete who is ambitious and desires to win medals would prepare to beat Usain Bolt’s records.

Now even if he doesn’t beat Bolt’s time, he will still be faster than he would have been if he didn’t have such a steep target to meet. His level of preparation would be different. He would push himself harder and be more driven to see that his dream of winning a gold medal comes to pass.

That's the beauty of ambition.

In searching for a job, ambition sure plays a very important role.

You cannot apply for just any and everything.

If you aim to catch everything, you'd eventually catch nothing.

What's that one dream job that represents your goals and aspirations?

How can you prepare yourself to be the best and only option for interviewers to be chosen?

That is how you get employed.

Leave nothing to fate.

Let 2019 be the defining year for your career.

Leave a comment and share this post. You never can tell who this would make all the difference to.


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